About Me

me on the pianoI am a sound engineer with years of experience in live sound and in the studio. I believe in dedication as a key to success, both mine and that of my clients. After extensive touring as a freelance FOH and stage hand (roadie) for several companies in Portugal, I decided to come to the UK to make official my knowledge of sound engineering. The degree at SAE London was a chance to consolidate, organise and push my knowledge to new boundaries. I can now say I’m confident with nearly all pieces of hardware you can throw my way, install large scale world class professional studios or run a complex digital rig like the ones used by satellite broadcast or post production houses. Located in North London, I am currently mixing bands with a mix of the newest and flashiest technology, sided with vintage gear built or customised by myself.

Professional, fast and fun as always
– Arthur Young (Studio Owner “Shaken Oak Studios”, Recording Engineer)

Joao Lebre is doing an awesome job on the desk. You’re the man!
– Ed Freitas (Session Drummer)

Hey. Thanks for a great two days. I really had fun. You are very clever and gentle with musicians!
– Siobhan Tebbs (Singer/Songwritter)

João displays what may be described as a natural talent for engineering, operating equipment with confidence in the studio and on location.
– Carlos Lellis (Recording Engineer, Head Lecturer)

Superb afternoon recording. Dude, you really know your stuff. Thanks so much.
– Mark Harvey (session musician)