Denmark Street Studios

DENMARKST-LOGO15-150x150Hello all!

Just wanted to share with you that the famous producer and mixing engineer Guy Katsav took over the historical studio in Denmark Street where Rolling stones, Jimi Hendrix and many others recorded.

This studio is re-opening under Guy Katsav’s expert direction and features a very vibe-y complex of studios. The main studio has a decent sized (and decent sounding!) live room and 2 booths. And how surprised was I to find a true EMT 140 plate???


Anyway, I’ve spent a lovely day there working out some new wiring and setting up some of the new ties. The studio is equipped with a nice selection of gear and it’s ready to roll! So give them a call if you are looking for a studio to record. Have a look at their website here.




The Simon Sampson Rock and Roll Band

Simon Sampson VideoAfter the short EP recorded earlier this year, I’m back at the desk duty to record Simon’s new single Poppy. The single’s release will include a ton of bonus material. Stay tuned!

I will hopefully make a series of posts detailing details of these sessions: gear, techniques and funny occurrences.

AMS – RMX16 Maintenance

ams rmx


I had the pleasure of working on one of these beauties. Originally released in the late ’80s, this is a reverb unit that became somewhat of a legend. The ambience and the non-linear presets do wonders on a track, but I have to say the reverse reverb was probably one of the sweetest things I’ve heard. This particular one sat in a few historical rooms in London and is now in the hands of a private owner.

photo 2

This unit is really well designed. From a user point of view, everything is accessible from the front rotary encoders or from the numeric keypad. The addition of the assignable encoder to the left makes it a breeze to use and map for those mixes where you’ll be shaping your effects “hands on”.


On a maintenance point of view, the cards are very well laid out and the inside – although very packed – is very clean. Huge LED’s indicate the status of the power rails, and the fuses for each rail are accessible from the back.

My struggle with this bad boy was the fact that the front panel is incredibly hard to pull apart and assemble, which is necessary when replacing the switches. The spring support was broken on a couple of the switches.

photo 1

This is a beautiful unit however this particular one was beginning to show signs of old age. Some of the PCB traces were lifting easily and I’m not sure how easy it is to get ahold of some of the older components. If you get one, I think you’ll be in love with the organic and very “particular” reverbs this unit offers although be prepared to dish out some money servicing this unit if something happens.

Siobhan Tebbs Wesley EP

Siobhan_postDuring the space of 2 days, I’ve recorded and mixed 3 tracks for Siobhan Tebbs Wesley (singer/songwriter). We took a very traditional approach where we’ve setup the instruments and spent the remaining of our time working to achieve better performances and giving the music what it required, rather than franticly rushing through songs.