BBC Orchestra recording

bbcorchestraI was recently involved with Carlos Lellis (Freelance engineer, Lecturer and author of “Music Production: Recording: A Guide for Producers, Engineers, and Musicians” ) recording the BBC Elstree orchestra, which specialises in film and show music from a wide range of classical and contemporary pieces.

The recordings took place in the gorgeous hall of the King’s College. It comfortably housed the whole orchestra and provided a very smooth yet full reverb tail. The micing was very “traditional” and we used 20 channels of pure musical goodness. A Decca Tree array, 2 outriggers and several spot microphones were recorded onto 2 protools rigs (for redundancy) using the AUX ADAT ports on the RME converters. The whole rig was clocked with an Apogee clock.


The Simon Sampson Rock and Roll Band

Simon Sampson VideoAfter the short EP recorded earlier this year, I’m back at the desk duty to record Simon’s new single Poppy. The single’s release will include a ton of bonus material. Stay tuned!

I will hopefully make a series of posts detailing details of these sessions: gear, techniques and funny occurrences.

Siobhan Tebbs Wesley EP

Siobhan_postDuring the space of 2 days, I’ve recorded and mixed 3 tracks for Siobhan Tebbs Wesley (singer/songwriter). We took a very traditional approach where we’ve setup the instruments and spent the remaining of our time working to achieve better performances and giving the music what it required, rather than franticly rushing through songs.